Official distributor & dealer of genuine Conqueror 4×4 Campers.

Official distributor of genuine Conqueror 4×4 Campers. Welcome to Conqueror 4×4 USA, the official distributor of Conqueror Off-road Campers.
Hubert and Vince have a passion for the outdoors, living and breathing it everyday as well as at every opportunity to get away! Our journey with Conqueror 4×4 started many years ago with a love for the campers moving on to becoming UEV-490 customers then the journey to be official distributors for US market. We have been part of conqueror’s global community and it has been an amazing ride so far. We love talking Conqueror anytime day or night and have plenty of stories to share…

Conqueror 4×4 USA is part of the OBI Conqueror Corp which proudly supports this love for the outdoors. An Off-the-road camper manufacturing & distributor company that owns and operates all different camper models ranging from casual weekend off-road camper to luxury premium overlanding camper. For more models at OBI Camper please visit